DIY Photo booth

One of my bride and grooms requested a photo booth for their wedding and I was immediately up for it.  It is my first time doing one but never to be put off by a bit of DIY and with the help of good old Pinterest, I set about creating one this weekend.  Well, let me rephrase that-  I decided how I wanted it to look and then my husband made it into something workable!  I love that I got to put two of my Organic Bloom frames to work and I am super excited to use this at Matt and Nan’s wedding this weekend.  Time to scour a few local antique shops for some awesome props!

To make your own this is what you will need

16×20 Frames or larger  (I used two Organic Bloom Frames in June and Cary Grant, both in Metallic Yellow Gold)

Vintage wallpaper ( I used 1- 14 yard  20″ pre-trimmed  roll)

2 pieces of lightweight plywood

9 2×1 in battens

4 small hinges

4 bolts with washers and wingnuts

small wood screws

wallpaper glue

2 sandbags

1 very patient partner who will continue to help even when you tell him he is doing it wrong!

silly props

Fun wedding guests

**Disclaimer** (I will give instructions as if I am the one who built this.  Everytime I say we, I mean my husband.  However, I did supervise so I will act like I know what I am talking about)-

I wanted a photo booth that could fit in my car and would be easy to set up if I had to do it on my own.  Those were the two contributing factors in how we built it.  If you have more space you could make it taller or wider.

The first thing I did was have the lovely man at Home Depot cut my plywood down to 72in x40in.  This way I knew it would fit in the back of my car.  They will do this for free.

Once you are in the safety of your own work space, screw your pieces of batten around the edge of the plywood.

Next we  Put the two pieces of plywood together with hinges.

Now I can fold the whole thing in half so that it is transportable.

Then we drilled holes in the side battens and attached the legs to stand it upright.  We added two arms at the bottom of each leg with the remaining bolts.  This is so I can throw two heavy sandbags on top of each and keep it from toppling over.

At this point I got bored of documenting the process.  Yes that is right, a photographer who got bored of photographing, the garage was too cold!

We measured the frames, decided where I wanted them to hang, marked it and cut them out with a jigsaw.  Make sure your cutouts are slightly larger than actual inside frame measurements.  That way the frame hides the edges of the cut-out.

We applied the wallpaper.  There was a lot of arguing at this point in the process.  Not a big fan of wallpapering!  Left it to dry for 24 hours.

Lastly we hung the frames and Voila!  we were left with the finished product above.

Can’t wait to see what we get with a bit of guest involvement.



  1. Nan

    LOVE THIS! I’m so flattered that you & your hubs created this for our wedding….beyond excited to put it to use! Thank you x a million for all of your hard work!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m planning my booth for a bridal show and this helped me so much! My husband doesn’t know much about building things 😦 and my creative ideas drive him nuts. Lol! I would great appreciate if you could email me the instructions so I can print it out and show my hubby or maybe I can print this myself. I’m on my cell phone browsing and found this! 😀 Thank you again so much for sharing! Bless You!

  3. Rachel Southwood

    I love those frames! Great idea I’ve been wanted something similar for a upcoming event, this will save me hiring something ridiculous, thanks so much!

  4. So.. which frame is Cary Grant? 😛

    Also, this is a fabulous set (now we know how important teamwork is.. one for the idea, and one to do teh hands-on job haha!); hope to see more DIY works like this~ ^^

  5. You and your husband did a fabulous job with simple tools! What a great DIY project; I can’t wait to try something like this (and by that I mean supervise my FH while he tries it)!

  6. Love your Photo Booth! Our daughter wanted a photo booth for her wedding but the $700.00 price tag was a bit out of our range, so one of her friends made one for her, much like yours. Everyone had a blast posing in it.

  7. Sarah

    I love this, and it turned out really well! I love it when you visualise something, and then set about making it… I recently bought a picture frame that I simply want to use as a photographic prop, and I really want to make a pop-up photo-booth for Christmas, although mine will probably be a lot less elaborate than this! Thank you for the inspiration though, and I think I should have a look through Pinterest for some more ideas too 🙂

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments. This was a relatively straight forward DIY project so I encourage all of you that are thinking about doing it to DO IT! You could easily put your own creative twist on it. I am now even more excited to use it!

  9. snapitstitchitstickit: Sarah

    Oh gosh this is fantastic, congrats to you. (AND your husband!!!) I totally want one of these…just for general day to day life! ♥

  10. kristy

    I’m thinking about doing this for my wedding in May. Did you guys print pictures on the spot for guests to take as favors? If so, how did that work??

  11. Love your idea! If somebody told me they wanted a photo booth I would have thought they meant one of those photo booths you squeeze into and the machine spits out the black and white strips! Very clever!

  12. This is a great idea. If I get a chance to shoot more weddings (I’ve only done friends weddings so far), I am totally suggesting something like this. Looks like a lot of fun!

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