The Katanicks

I am not always quite sure that my clients will go for some of my ideas, so when I asked the Katanicks if they would be up for posing on a couch in the middle of the road, I half expected them to call me crazy.  But they were total sports.  We got a few strange looks and even a thumbs up from one passerby but it was worth it.  Kristi did a fab job planning the family outfits and all the colours went perfectly with the fall surroundings.  I try to encourage incorporating personal items into family sessions so I was particularly pleased we got a few shots with a beautiful handmade quilt passed down from Kristi’s Grandmother.  Kinley and Kaleb couldn’t work a pile of old suitcases any better and were great to photograph.   The Katanicks moved to Texas a short time after our session so even better we got to capture an East Coast autumn as part of their time spent living in the Nation’s Capital.  Hope Texas treats them well!



  1. Sarah

    These photographs are so good – I especially love the use of the sofa, and the suitcases too! My friend is currently searching for vintage suitcases, as she wants to create a stack of them in her room to store memories and photographs from over the years, which I think is a lovely idea 🙂 I’ll point her to this post, I’m sure she’ll love the suitcases! Keep up the great work.

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