The Baches 2011


I photographed the Baches about this time last year.  I was joking that as they move into proper teenage years I might only get one more session in where my silliness and total lack of hipness will be tolerated.  What’s that you say?  Justin Beiber isn’t cool anymore?  When did that happen?  In all seriousness what I love about photographing Noel, Lauryn, and Joey,  is that it is uncomplicated.  Two hours of  just me, my camera, and them.  Simple, straightforward portrait photography.  It is nice to go back to that every now and then, brings me back to basics.   The girls aren’t big into cheesy smiles and I love it.  They know how to look at the camera and just be themselves, not too mention they know how to rock their own styles.  I had to do a little of convincing to get them into the soybean field, but I am glad they were game.  It made for an awesome muted background that matched the overcast day.  And like last year, I finally got a little booty shakin’ from Joey to get the whole family laughing.  Love to see the changes in each one of them over the year, looking forward to next year!


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