In our transatlantic household, the tradition goes I cook the American Thanksgiving and my husband does a British Christmas.  However I will be working most of the day, so this year at Gray towers a Brit will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  Not sure how I feel about that yet, he can’t quite come to terms with candied yams.  No, they are not part of dessert and cornbread is not cake!  So as I have sat working this morning I have had a little bit of time to think about what I am thankful for.  There is a lot.  But I guess what has been the most obvious part of my life recently, is my job.  I am thankful for the chance to do something I really, truly enjoy.  I have awesome clients.  I probably say that a lot but I mean it.  I have yet to walk away from a wedding or photo shoot and not think, “They were great!”  I get to be part of their first walk down the aisle, their first time being pregnant, those early days of being parents, their families growing from year to year.  These are memories that only get made once and I feel pretty privileged that I am trusted to capture such important moments.  I have been inspired so often, and love that I get to put that back into my pictures.  I recently got this in an email from the lovely Katanick family,

“Thank you so much for capturing my family so perfectly, these made my day!  Continued wishes for success!”

Starting my own business has been a lot of long hours and hard work; those around me know I am prone to regular sleep deprived meltdowns!  But each time I get an email like this, it is worth it.  My job satisfaction ranks pretty high.  So thank you to all my wonderful clients, hope you are all enjoying a day of relaxing and copious amounts of food.  And of course, thanks to my husband for cooking our Turkey day feast, you’ll get roast potatoes at Christmas.


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