The Eggers

The Eggers wanted to have their family pictures done somewhere that would capture their time living in Washington, DC.  What better place to do it than the Lincoln Memorial.  I was quite looking forward to this session, as it happens to be my favourite of the monuments.  There is something so quietly moving about Lincoln sat in his chair overlooking the Washington Monument.  In order to avoid the masses of tourists, I talked the Eggers into meeting as early in the morning as they could possibly bare.  It was a freezing Sunday morning and as most sane people were still in their warm beds, getting there early paid off.  Aside from a brief busload of kids, we had Lincoln mostly to ourselves.  The sun came out and warmed up the day.  Little Alex got to roam around and have some one on one time with Abe.  The Eggers also wanted to capture the last of the autumn leaves so we headed over to nearby Oxon Hill Farm.  Just over the bridge from Alexandria, it is a tiny bit of rural land tucked away from the city.  We had some wide open space that Alex could run around and she took full advantage.  This girl knows how to entertain herself.  She sang, she ran, she explored.  She is a wonderfully delightful personality that I thought was better off let free to wander and have fun. It made for some great natural shots.  Thanks Eggers, for being a pleasure to photograph.  Enjoy the rest of your time living in the Nation’s Capital.


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