The Browns

This was one of my favourite photo sessions.  As I drove away from this one I couldn’t help but remind myself that I get to work with some pretty wonderful people. That definitely describes Jessie and Ryan.  After doing a freezing photo shoot in the morning, my assistant and I geared up for our afternoon shoot. I was looking forward to doing a maternity shoot as there is a bit less pressure than is involved with fast-moving children who get easily bored with being photographed.  I get to move at a slower pace and focus on setting up each shot.  By the time we arrived at the Battlefield, the sun had warmed everything up and it was a perfect day.  When we met them in the parking lot, Jessie gave me a hug.  I knew immediately I was going to like them.  It was obvious throughout, how excited they were about becoming parents and how much they adore each other, rather endearing to witness.  They were up for everything I suggested, totally carefree and easy going.  I particularly enjoyed the debate of which university their future child would support.  The question of whether baby Brown will be a Hokie or a Cavalier will probably stay undecided for another 18 years.  Until then I am sure Jessie and Ryan will battle it out between themselves.  Thanks to the Browns for being so fantastic and making some gorgeous pictures! I look forward to photographing baby Brown very soon.


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