Justin, Jamie, and Josie

Little, delightful Josie!  She’s got one captivating personality.  She is inquisitive, bold, has her mom’s quick witted sense of humor, and is super smart.  I was definitely looking forward to my second time photographing her.  Jamie and I worried that by the time their session was due,  all the leaves would have fallen off the trees.  It was that icky time of year when one side of the street is still covered in oranges and reds and on the other, one gust of wind has blown the last of the leaves away leaving it gray and dreary.  But we lucked out.  When we arrived, Oxon Hill Farm still had lots of colour.  We had the whole place to ourselves, for good reason. It was FREEZING!  I wasn’t sure how long little Josie was going to tolerate the cold.  But Justin, Jamie, and Josie all championed through.  I will say a special thanks here to Justin enduring while us ladies wittered on about stilettos and skinny jeans in 30 degree weather!    We finished family pictures and Josie’s individuals with just one set-up left to try.  We wanted to get Josie in Jamie’s wedding dress.  Josie was at the end of her tether at this point (I don’t blame her, it was so cold) but we thought we give it a quick attempt.  Further melt down ensued.  But Jamie and I both agreed the temper tantrum in a wedding dress was probably a little truer to life.  Plus it made for better pictures.  When it is blown up life-size on Josie’s wedding day, she will love us even more for it! Wink wink!  We got her in the car, warmed her up and let her blare some music.  It wasn’t long before she was passed out.  Sweet little Josie, next time we promise it will be warmer!


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