Baby Brooke turns 1!

Let’s start the weekend with the Bovans!  I photographed Mike and Adrienne getting married, their pregnancy, and beautiful Brooke as a newborn.  So I definitely felt like part of the family as I found myself, a year later (has it already been a year???), taking their family pictures.   The Bovans met me at Slaughter Pen Farm, my favourite location in Fredericksburg.  When I got there I was disappointed to see the golden soybean fields had been ploughed.  But as always, Slaughter Pen doesn’t disappoint, no matter what the landscape.  There was a wintery calm to the open space and lovely muted colours.  My clients know my personality type well and when Adrienne turned up she had a vintage desk and fan for me.  I will say it again, my clients are awesome!  Adrienne’s dad restores antiques and she also brought with her a tiny Shaker style chair he had refurbished for Brooke.  How wonderful that we got to use it in the pictures.  Tiny newborn Brooke has turned into a beautiful, tiny lady with quite a funny personality.  She seems to rather enjoy fast motion so we gave Mike a little extra rugby training and made him run sprints to keep her entertained.  Turns out, not all babies are fans of my assistant and I singing.  She had a hilarious expression for our rendition of Elmo’s song!  We couldn’t help ourselves, we kept singing so we could see it a few more times.

As we finished our session with Brooke’s birthday shots we got wonderful light from the setting sun.  She wasn’t that keen on her cake so we took the opportunity to help her out!  Wegman’s makes one delicious coconut cake! Happy first birthday baby Brooke!  Thanks to Mike and Adrienne for having a great sense of humour and being a lot of fun to work with.  What’s the next big event?

On a side note, I finally got an opportunity to use a handmade bonnet and dress I found on Etsy.  These ladies were super helpful.  If you have a moment, check out their Etsy shops-


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