The Spetts


A little change of scenery for me on this one, a new location in the gorgeous state of California.  I met the Spetts at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu for their family pictures.  It is a great spot tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains.  It was just my luck that the week I was there the Virginia cold had followed me.  Where was that California 70 degree weather?  But that didn’t stop Ella and Lyla from launching a full on exploration of the place.  As soon as I arrived they gave me the tour.  Clearly, I need to ramp up my cardio routine, these girls were non-stop.  I loved their inquisitive, energetic nature and these girls had no shortage of moves.  They could give Naomi Campbell a run for her money on the catwalk.  There is nothing like having a sister close in age to pal around with.  We did a whistle stop photo-tour of Calamigos before the sun went down and we all froze (yes, froze in California).  Then I got a rare treat, a shoot followed by dinner with my clients.  Amé and Andrew happen to be friends as well so we enjoyed a post-session dinner and catch-up sat by toasty fire pits.  Thanks to Amé, Andrew, Ella and Lyla for some much needed humour and a great time.  And a thanks to my husband for filling in as my California assistant (it’s a diffuser, not a deflector thingy. I will kindly suggest you don’t quit your day job!)


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