Ronay, Dimmick, & Tingler

It is family picture time…LET’S HAVE A PARTY!!!!!  This is the motto I am now going to recommend all my clients go with.  The day I did this photo session was just one of those days!  It started off alright and then went downhill from there.  I got stuck in terrible traffic in Leesburg, got lost on my way to Waterford (I was driving a rental with no GPS, bad combo for the directionally challenged!), and the girl in the balloon store appeared to be set in slow mode!  By the time I was finally headed in the right direction, I was running late.  I spend most of my personal life late but when it comes to work, I am always on time.  So I was flapping by the time I got to the barn where we were doing the shoot.  Any worries or anxiety completely disappeared when I saw the Ronay, Dimmick, and Tingler families.  They were already at the location dressed in bright colours and they were tailgating…awesome!  I knew we were going to have fun, and we did.  Photographing this many people takes a bit of time and lots of rearranging to get it right.  But everyone was relaxed and patient, especially when it came to getting names right.  Even Bluemoon, the dog, cooperated.  So to Chris & Pat, Mandy, JK & Jenn, Brooks, Clay & Lindsey, Emerson, Lucas, Courtney, Mike & Betsy, and Bluemoon- thanks for being so much fun.


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