Sweet Helen

That is little Helen above, when I photographed her over a year ago.  It is such a delight for me to get the chance to photograph my little newborns once they are mobile and talking!  Helen isn’t so little anymore and this lady has got some serious personality!  Helen’s mom and I started planning another photo session last fall when they found out they might be moving back to their native Texas (lucky for us, the Soheili’s get to stay around DC for a while).  We wanted to incorporate the monuments but it took us a few seasons to get there.  We finally settled on the spring, what could be more iconic than the monuments during the cherry blossom season?  On the day of our shoot it was still quite chilly and I had convinced the Soheilis to start pretty early to avoid the droves of tourists.  Poor little Helen was teething.  Now I will say that even when not feeling her best, her sweet personality still turned on the charm.  During my editing though, I decided we should give Helen another chance to ham it up to the camera, and I am glad the Soheilis went along because it definitely paid off.  We planned a followup session that was a little quieter.  This time, Helen was true to form.  With the aid of a few balloons, her treasured bunny, and a little LMFAO, we got her dancing and giggling.  Thanks Soheili’s for being a super fabulous family, you are a total joy to work with, even when teething!


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