Henry part III

Ahh summer!  There is a moment in these long summer days, just before sunset, when the heat and humidity turn to a comfortable enveloping haze.  It always reminds me of being a little kid, of only have the care of running until your legs wont run anymore.  We had a lot of fun photographing my annual session with Henry.  I can’t believe it has been a year already!  This time we included mom and grandparents.  There is something so special about including another generation into a photo session.  I love the idea that Henry will have these moments with his grandparents captured to look back on when he is older.  We managed to catch Slaughter Pen in one of its gorgeous stages with wheat growing in the fields, wasn’t to shabby of a background for a picnic of strawberries and lemonade.  One of my favourite outfits is Henry’s whale jumpsuit and we made sure to include again as it has been part of each of our sessions.  It is still big on Henry and even has the safety pins in the same place as his six month session.  I think he has several more years and in it.  This was my last session with Henry for a while (not too long I hope).  Maybe I can convince mom that our next session should be in the Colorado mountains!

Henry and the Whale


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