Abi and Jorge get married!

Mixing her love of France (she teaches the language) and the Ibarra family’s Mexican heritage, Abi put personal thought and work into every part of their day.  She created a beautiful reflection of the traditions of two families. Inspired by the cornflower and poppy fields of France, each red and blue boutonniere and hair flower for the bridal party were hand made.  All 200 papel picado banners that decorated the reception were hand cut.  Their cake, a Julia Child recipe called La Reine de Saba, was made using the Ibarra family chocolate from Mexico.  The rest of the desserts were the baked with some loving help from Abi’s grandmother.  What a great feeling to look back and see their efforts made such a fabulous day.  Perhaps the most meaningful detail of the day, was the  necklace Abi wore down the aisle.  She made it using a Tahitian pearl gifted by her in-laws and the remaining earring from a set Jorge had given to her while they were dating.  It was the groom’s favourite touch.

Abi and Jorge were awesome to work with.  They just were.  My favourite part of the day was the time I got with just the bride and groom.  We wandered down the beautiful Sunken Road  in Fredericksburg and even got some well wishes from a few Civil War buffs.  Abi and Jorge adore each other which always comes out on its own in photographs, but they also took such a fun, light-hearted approach to having their pictures taken.  Abi was a stunning bride with her fair share of inner sass and I have yet to see a groom work the camera like Jorge!  I am super grateful they were willing to give me that time, we got some beautiful images.  Their whole day was enjoyable and it isn’t hard to see why all 300 guests love them!

Congrats Mr & Mrs Ibarra.  Best wishes for many years of wedded bliss!

To see more of Abi and Jorge’s day click below


Cermony: Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Fredericksburg VA

Reception: Snowden House





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