Matt & Caitlin

Always on the lookout for new spots, I love discovering hidden gems in the local area.  When we started planning this maternity session I wanted a location near the water but didn’t want to travel too far.  I was extremely excited to stumble across Dangerfield Island, right there on the doorstep.  Situated right across form Reagan Airport, you can sit on the grass, watch sailing lessons,  the airplanes take off, and have a view of the Washington Monument.  At sunset you would have little idea you were right off the GW parkway.  Caitlin and Matt enjoy sailing themselves, so they were already familiar with the location.  Caitlin was right on track with my nautical inspired session and came fully prepared,  (could she have found a more appropriate, stylish maternity dress??).  After rescheduling twice because of summer storms, we lucked out and had a beautiful day that wasn’t too hot with a gorgeous hazy sunset.  Caitlin handled maternity with ease and grace, still able to do a bit of ballet as if she wasn’t four weeks from her due date!  Little pierce has made his entrance so his newborn session will be coming soon.  Congratulations Matt and Caitlin, may you handle parenthood with the same ease.



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